How does Radiant Barrier (RB) work?
What is the 'R' Value of Radiant Barrier?
How does RB keep me warmer in the winter?
OKAY, RB keeps heat in in the winter, but how can it keep heat out in the summer?
Will Energy Attic Radiant Barrier affect my cell phone use?
What if RB collects dust over a period of time? Will it still work?
Won't my roof get hotter when I have radiant barrier in my attic?
Where do you install radiant barrier?
What about foil-faced fiberglass? Isn't it just as good as RB?
I already have plenty of insulation in my attic. Do I really need RB?
Has RB been tested by a qualified independent laboratory or government agency?
Will dust collecting on the top of the product hurt its effectiveness over a period of time?
Will the aluminum corrode and lose its effectiveness?
Do I need a radiant barrier if my home is already well insulated?
Is radiant barrier effective in the winter?
Is Energy Attic Radiant Barrier a Green Product?
Why should I use an aluminum radiant barrier instead of paint?
What other products or services do you offer?

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