Soffit Vents

We offer two types of soffit vents — normal aluminum soffits and upgraded MaxFlow Soffits. Ask our energy consultants about upgrading to Max Flow Vents.

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MaxFlow Soffit Vents

How does the MAXFLO vent work?

Unlike conventional attic intake vents that have a fixed screen, which becomes clogged and useless within a few years, the MAXFLO Vents have a removable, cleanable, reusable screen insert good for the life of your home!

Why should I use the MAXFLO Vent instead of the same old conventional replacement?

  • Conventional vent needs to be replaced minimum every 2 years to work effectively.
  • MAXFLO Vents are the ONLY one time replacement FOR LIFE OF HOME!
  • Conventional vent has fixed screen that becomes clogged and useless within a few years.
  • MAXFLO VentsHave a removable, cleanable, reusable screen insert system!
  • Conventional vent has no warranty.
  • The MAXFLO Vent Has Limited Lifetime Warranty!

What are the benefits of the MAXFLO Vent?

The MAXFLO Vent…

  • Lowers your attic temperature 25-50 degrees in the summer
  • Prolong the life of heating and cooling equipment
  • Extends the life of your roof
  • Gives items such as Radiant Barriers, Insulation, Attic Fans and Turbines the necessary air they need to reach their potential
  • Saves energy which reduces your carbon footprint
  • Reduces the buildup of moisture in your attic
  • Prevents the buildup of mold and associated health risks
  • Prevents ice damming that can lead to structural damage and personal injury


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You will not find this vent available at
your local stores, you must go through a distributor or installer.

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